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Acappella is the term used to describe unaccompanied singing – that is no piano, guitar, etc. It is a style that is increasingly popular, perhaps because it gives power back to the unaided voice.

Jane Younghusband has a B.A. Performing Arts and Bachelor of Teaching and works as a Highschool drama teacher as well as teaching Acappella singing to groups. She honed her skills for many years as a member of Sydney Acappella group “Voices from the Vacant Lot” before moving to the Far North.

Jane strongly believes that when the TV replaced the piano in the corner of the lounge room, a very important part of community life was lost to many people – the chance to sing together in an informal and non-competitive environment. We now listen to others singing in the same way as we watch sport – whatever happened to participation!? Now we are all so in awe of the “professionals” that we hardly dare open our mouths!

Yet singing is such a joyful experience. You truly create harmony when you sing with other people, it’s a form of meditation, it’s a great way to release stress and it’s also great fun!

Jane works with adults and children alike, teaching songs from all over the world, to open people up to the beautiful sounds from many cultures – their differences and their similarities. People sing in celebration, they sing to lament and to grieve, they sing to make a joke, they sing to make a political statement, they sing to express their love, their devotion, their loyalty, and they sing in anger. We can learn a great deal about ourselves and about others from the songs of the world.

Jane’s workshops are a mix of voice freeing exercises and songs of celebration and struggle from all over the world. African songs abound in the repertoire, with a sprinkling of Bulgarian, Gaelic, Israeli, Spanish, Gospel, as well as songs from closer to home.

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